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daylight3 and still they came straggling along;
now mostly colts limping and whining for their

When we climbed down from the fence and
went down to the corral at daylight3 the first
thing we saw was four of our warriors lying on
pallets, bleeding and unconscious. They were
four of the best horsemen in our tribe : Circling
Ghost, High Hunting Eagle, Wild Man3 and
Wolf Ribs. When our mothers asked what was
the matter, some one pointed to the corral, and
said: 'Ponokomita — akai-mahkahpay!' (cThat
very bad horse!')

We looked and saw a dozen men trying to put
leather on that wild steel-dust stallion3 who? with
his heavy moon-coloured mane bristling bellig-
erently over his bluish head and shoulders,
looked now more like a lion than a horse. He
was splotched here and there with his own blood,
and his teeth were bared like a wolfs. Four men
had tried to get down into the corral and throw
rawhide around his neck. While the other wild
horses had scurried away to the nethermost cor-
ners of the corral,, this ferocious beast of a horse
had plunged headlong into them and all but
killed them before they could be dragged away*

He had proved to be one of the rarest specimens
of horse known to man—a killer—a creature that
kicked and bit and tore and crushed his victims